Review khóa học TOEFL Advanced 8 tuần HELP English

Hello, my name is Chih. I’m from Taiwan and I’m a student of Help English-Baguio campus. I am a student who recently graduated from the university, then, I hope I can apply for a master degree in a university in the United States. The reason why I chose Help English is they have the greatest teachers in the Philippines. These professional teachers are not only familiar with TOEFL or IELTS, but they also know about ESL or the other English subject well which are for all levels of English learners. So, I think HELP Longlong's teachers definitely can help every student to make their dream closer to reality.

Baguio - A great city for studying

Life in the Baguio city is extremely comfortable. People always try to find a way dealing with the hot weather even in the winter, but this situation never happens in Baguio city. Baguio city’s temperature is always around 18 Celsius to 26 Celsius degree. Moreover, fresh air is also the advantage in here. Particularly, the natural environment is not the only thing that benefits students, compassionate staff, laundry service, fabulous landscape, and delicious meals. These extraordinary things only suffice for one purpose which is to help students focus on their study until they reach their goal. And this is an important factor that contributes to my advancement.

English - It is hard but bot impossible

Learning English has never been an easy task especially for Asian students. Speaking, in particular, is always a trouble to us. With their curriculum, it helped us to improve our skills in English. Help opens with an MRC class which can help students correct their pronunciation in the early morning which also gives students time to stimulate their brain to get ready for a wonderful day. One-on-one individual classes are superb and extremely helpful too. From my personal perspective, HELP students are fortunate because we have the greatest teachers in the city. Most of them have been teaching for a long time. So, they can easily catch students’ weaknesses and give us suitable feedback to improve our skills and score immediately. Moreover, teachers’ pronunciation is really clear, like native English speakers. Hence, even when we have reading, writing, or listening class, we can also improve our speaking skill and pronunciation. Therefore, HELP English is the best place for students who want to achieve their target score.

HELP English - Let HELP help you

HELP English’s environment let students widen their horizon. Students in HELP English can make friends from different nationalities. There are about a hundred students here. Every student must use English to communicate with each other. But learning English is not the only advantage here, but also comprehend another counties culture. Enthusiastic and compassionate people will share their life experiences to us by using humorous way to let us know their culture. When there is a holiday, we can travel with friends with different nationality. So, we do not just enjoy free time for hanging out with friends, we also learn English during the journey. This experience that we can never had when we stay in our own country. People should study abroad to see how big the world is.

In conclusion, I strongly think HELP English is the best school for learning English. My TOEFL score has substantially progressed in a short time. Before I came here, I think studying is a tough long road. But, learning English in HELP is never a boring experience. Every teacher will guide us to reach our goal. Help yourself, and let HELP help you.