Review Trại hè Anh ngữ ESL 12 tuần HELP Baguio

My name is Drake, I’m 14 years old and I’m from Viet Nam. I started to study in Help Longlong at Baguio City last May 12th.

After studied here for 3 months I noticed that Help English is a good place to study English. The teacher are good, it’s easy to understand the lesson. And the room here is clean and comfortable.

Otherwise, I can improve my singing skills and I can have fun in activity hours. I can improve all my English skills here. Now, I’m better at Speaking, writing, listening and reading. The facilities are very good. But the food here is not suitable for me, sometimes it tastes terribles. On the otherhand, I can relax and go out to play at the weekend, I have a lot of wonderful times.

For conclusion, I think Help is a good place and maybe I’ll invite my friends to come here to improve our English skills with HELP Junior Program.

Thank you for teaching me!