Review Trại hè Anh ngữ ESL Intensive 4 tuần tại HELP Baguio

Hi everyone, my name is To Chan Phong. I studied from April until now.

Studying in Help Longlong gave me a lot of skills as well as unforgettable memory. All teachers here are friendly, devoted to giving me valuable knowledge to improve my English skills. We had to follow the rules all this time like EOP (English Only Policy), making line when eating, doing exercise, etc… Besides, they always ensured our health to be in well-being, gave us medicine whenever we were sick.

Thanks to Help English campus and the English Junior Camp, I had made a lot of friends in Viet Nam, China and Korea to enhance my communication skill, self-reliance and being confident all the time. Until now, I am really confident and satisfied when I am speaking English because we were tested every week that is why they can modify the way to teach us.

Help LongLong campus also had clear punishment and awards to judge students’ endeavor. We were allow to play in parks or watch movies at weekends after a study week. Moreover, we could go to SM to buy everything we want with the amount of money which was not excessively 1000peso and under the control of teachers.

I will remember all things here forever because it was important part in my way to success.